Handmade Wax Melts Vs Mass Produced Cheap Wax Melts

Handmade Wax Melts UK

Handmade wax melts in the UK are hand-poured in small batches by local companies. Mass-produced wax melts are made in the thousands or even millions using automated industrial machines and the cheapest ingredients.

Mass manufacturers and a lot of the corporate wax melt and candle companies main goals are to reduce the cost per product and maximise profits.

Handmade wax melt companies are often run by families and deliver a more personal and luxurious end product for their customers (if done properly). Every product shipped is a testament to their business which they take pride in. Paying close attention and care to the whole process from start to finish.

The small handmade business often knows the person name the wax melt is being made for. If they are like Pure Loved Aromas they should strive to produce the very best product. We also use more eco-friendly and clean ingredients, such as soy wax and recyclable packaging.

Paraffin Wax or Soy Wax.

Many larger companies use paraffin wax and cheap fragrance oils. You need to consider the toxic implications of this when burning around your family. It is known that soy wax is much cleaner when burning and doesn’t release toxins as paraffin wax does. There is much debate on the subject.

Many handmade wax melt businesses do use paraffin wax. It all depends on a companies values and the end product they wish to produce. It is believed that paraffin wax does create a stronger smelling wax melt. However, if done properly like Pure Loved Aromas. It is possible to create a strong wax melt that is more eco friendly and less toxic for you and the environment.

Warnings and things to consider before buying handmade or mass-produced wax melts

Some fragrance oils do have warnings, this is by law and not necessarily dangerous or toxic. All wax melts should display these warnings where applicable to adhere to CLP laws. The CLP is a way to be transparent to the consumer. The toxicity or irritability of the fragrance is more relative during the manufacturing process as the fragrance oil is at its purest at 100% strength. More information on CLP laws here.

Once the fragrance oil has been used in the wax melt and burned by the customer, these warnings are less relevant. If you do come across a wax melt seller or business that does not display these warnings. Steer well clear and choose another company to buy your wax melts from, these are like the cowboy builders of the wax melt industry.

There is no need to be alarmed at the sight of these warning labels, you can find them on many products you use daily, for example, fairy washing up liquid, soap powder and many other cleaning products. If wax melts were extremely toxic they would be banned and unavailable to buy. Especially if made in the UK or Europe as there are many strict regulations compared to the likes of China or India.

CLP warning label

Where Are Wax Melts Made

None of the biggest candle companies makes their candles in the UK. Scentsy and Yankee candle products are mass-produced in the US. Cheap supermarket branded wax melts are mass-produced on a white label basis in either India or China.

Hand made wax melts in the UK are more expensive than what you will find in shops like B&M or Asda. UK independent wax melt businesses are not being greedy but the cost of raw materials and labour is much higher. However, handmade wax melts are made freshly on a personal level for you.

Handmade Wax Melts UK

Pure Loved Aromas wax melts are Handmade using natural soy wax, we also use locally sourced materials where possible supporting other UK businesses. Although some of our products are sourced by our suppliers from other countries such as importing soy wax from the USA and clamshell packaging from China. We use local printing services for labels and local fragrance manufacturers to produce our scents. Once products are made we then ship around the UK.

Everything is done by hand from mixing, melting and pouring the liquid ingredients to applying labels and packaging. Supporting hand made wax melt companies also support real people with more local jobs. More people are required to make the wax melts by hand compared to mass machine manufactured brands.

Mass Manufactured Wax Melts

As I have no personal experience mass-producing wax melts or candles the best thing to do is look at the videos brands such as Yankee Candles and Woodwick produce. This short video below will give you an idea of the magnitude of the automation and processes used to reduce costs and maximise profits.

This one factory produced 51 MILLION candles with few employees. To produce so many candles by hand would require a large workforce and would support many families providing steady jobs.

Is It worth paying extra for handmade wax melts

Personally, I think it is worth paying a little bit extra for handmade wax melts. However, it is a personal choice and preference. Some mass-produced wax melts contain more toxins when burning. They also produce fewer local jobs and contribute to the local economy much less per product compared to handmade products.

The process of mass-producing products is made in bulk by machines then shipped off in batches around the world sometimes taking months before they are on display ready to be purchased.

The process of making handmade wax melts is very different. First, you will make an order for your wax melts, then we either pick your order by hand from wax melts made that week or we make them fresh especially for you. Paying much care and attention to make sure you have the best wax melts.

The process is much more intimate and personal with the fresher more luxurious product. You could compare it to going to a restaurant for a freshly prepared meal ( Handmade wax melt) compared to buying and eating a tinned soup (mass-produced).


We hope we have helped you understand the difference between buying the likes of Scentsy, Yankee candles and supermarket wax melts compared to buying Pure Loved Aromas or other family-run wax melt businesses. If you are struggling with money and prefer the cheaper option that is fine.

However, if you are not strapped for cash the superior option is most definitely buying from a local company that makes the wax melts or candles by hand. Whether you choose us or someone else you will be getting a more personal experience every step of the way. With fresher better quality wax melts with cleaner ingredients and also supporting local families.

Next time you are browsing the local supermarket and see wax melts take a look at the label on the back. They will often say made in China or India for “company name”. You may think you are getting a bargain but is it really the best wax melt you can afford? If the answer is no then head over to our wax melt section and buy our natural soy, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly clean wax melts.

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