How Long Do Wax Melts Last

How Long Do Wax Melts Last

When buying wax melts for the first time you may be wondering how long do wax melts last while burning and how long the shelf life is once you buy them.

How long do wax melts smell nice while burning?

The quick answer is it varies based on the quality of the wax melts, the size of the cube you use in your wax warmer and the temperature of your wax warmer.

You should expect a single cube to last between 6 and 12 hours. Our Pure Loved Aromas wax melts last around 10 hours per cube on average. Therefore, one £5 clamshell with 6 cubes will last around 60 hours, giving you a week or two worth of fragrance for your home.

However, this depends on how long you have the wax melt burning each day. One or two hours a day is long enough to produce a nice smell in your home as the aroma lingers once the burner has been turned off for quite a while, making one wax melt pack last even longer.

Some people like to have wax melts burning all day but I have found with our wax melts it is not necessary. However, if you prefer to have wax melts lit for hours a day that will be fine also. It is all down to a personal choice really. You can be as frugal or liberal as you like. The main thing is you enjoy the fragrance a wax melt produces.

How Long Do Wax Melts Last

How long is the shelf life of wax melts

A wax melts shelf life will also vary based on the packaging used. If you buy your wax melts in clamshells as we sell, they will have a longer shelf life than loose wax melts such as the heart ones some people sell. You can expect a wax melt pack to last around 1 year. However, they are not limited to that time and can be burned after one year but may not perform as well as fresh wax melts will.

The difference between buying wax melts that are handmade like ours to mass-manufactured wax melts such as Yankee and Scentsy is that they can often sit in warehouses then shop displays for months before a customer buys them.

Our handmade soy wax melts are more environmentally friendly and made fresh regularly based on the number of orders we receive on any particular week. Pure Loved Aromas customers get a much more luxurious quality-focused and long-lasting wax melt.

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