How To Use Wax Melts

How To Use Wax Melts

Wax melts are an efficient way to fragrance your home. If you haven’t used wax melts and a wax melt burner before this guide will help you get started.

The Two Types Of Wax Melt Burners

There are two types of wax burners, electric and tealight. The tealight burner gets its heat source from the tealight flame while electric burner from a bulb. Both heat the wax melt dish, heating and melting the wax to disperse fragrance.

Tealight Wax Melt Burners

Tealight Oil/ Wax Melt Burner

I prefer tealight burners over electric burners as they reach a higher temperature and help the wax melts release a stronger fragrance. They are also generally cheaper than the Electric wax melt burners and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Electric Wax Melt Burners

Electric Wax Melt/Oil Burner Lamp

Electric wax warmers are great if you prefer a more subtle aroma. Because Electric warmers get their heat source from a bulb it does mean the maximum temperature is lower than that of the flame of a tealight. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it also prolongs the life of the fragrance and a lot of people prefer a milder scent. Electric wax melt burners are also very decorative and look amazing. Especially in the evening in the dark as they can also double up as a very pretty lamp.

So What Wax Melt Burner Should You Buy?

To get the full experience of using our wax melts and in fact, any wax melts. We would suggest you use both types. If your budget is tight then my first choice would be a tealight burner as I prefer a stronger scent. However, my mum prefers an electric burner as she likes a milder scent.

Personally. I don’t think electric burners do wax melts justice. However, they do work and look pretty. To get the best results I would use a t-light burner in the day time and electric burner in the evening as they make our rooms look cosy while also emitting a relaxing scent.

Now that that is cleared up let’s move on to the fun part of actually using your wax melts.

Using Your Wax Melts

Chose the scent you would like to burn. We have amazing smelling wax melts to choose from here.

Once you have chosen a scent, you can apply the heat source, either switch on the electric burner or light the tealight and place it in the tealight holder.

Remove one wax melt cube from the packet and place inside the dish. The dish is located at the top of the burner directly above the tealight or bulb.

Some other wax melt vendors suggest 2 or 3 cubs at a time. However, our cubes are quite chunky and highly scented so one is enough for most burners. If you use a really small burner, then half of one cube is sufficient to prevent melted wax overflowing.

Enjoying Your Wax Melt Safely and effectively

Our Pure Loved Aromas love melts will give off fragrance for up to 10 hours. However, we suggest burning wax melts for up to 4 hours at a time. This could be 4 hours in the day time and 4 hours in the evening. You can also burn for any other combination of time if you prefer as long as you don’t burn for more than 4 hours without giving the wax melt burner opportunity to cool down. Read more on How Long Can You Leave A Wax Warmer On.

Location is also important, especially when using a flamed tea light wax melt burner. Although oil burners do have a safe housing to place the tealight it is important to place your oil burner on a steady surface away from fabric curtains or other flammable items, out of reach of children and pets that could knock the warmer over.

Changing and Disposing of Wax Melts

Changing wax melts is easy, simply allow the existing wax melt to cool down then apply heat for 1-2 minutes depending on your burner. You will become an expert at knowing the right amount of time your burner takes after some practice.

Once enough heat is added turn off the heat source, the wax melts will easily slide from the dish. Wipe up any residue with a damp cloth. If you leave your burner on too long the wax will totally melt and be hot to touch. If the wax melt is not sliding give it a bit longer to melt the edges. If timed correctly this method works really well. Either place the used wax melt inside a sealable bag for later use or dispose of it appropriately.

Once the bowl is cleaned, reapply the heat source and enjoy your fresh wax melt.

Dealing With Completed Wax Melts

Once the wax melt has stopped emitting fragrance while burning this means all the fragrance has been spent and it is time to dispose of that wax melt cube. You can either use the method above or turn off the heat source and soak the wet wax with some cotton wool or tissue.

Some wax melts do contain ingredients that could possibly cause harm to aquatic life so it is important they are disposed of in a suitable bin and not flushed down the toilet or thrown anywhere that could come into contact with aquatic life.

We hope you enjoy our wax melts, you can also shop for wax melt warmers on our website.

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